Boldwin Industries Company Limited is a one-stop custom design manufacturing company for the production of vinyl, PVC, plush and die-cast toys as well as general merchandise.  With our own production factory in Guangdong, China and our head office in Hong Kong, we are ready to assist you in all phases of your project from inception to production to delivery.   Our team of experts takes pride in meeting all of our customers' needs on-time with a commitment to excellence at affordable prices. 

We have demonstrated this commitment over 8 years producing toys for our valued clients across a wide range of targeted markets. One such market is the challenging vinyl art toy segment which demands accurate translation of highly stylized 2D drawings into intricately sculpted and painted products created in limited-editions.   Within the past few years Boldwin has worked with top artists and companies in this exciting genre to produce premium art toys that surpass even the most discriminating collectors' standards for visual fidelity and quality control.

Bring your concept to Boldwin Industrial Company and our team of talented designers, sculptors, and production personnel will work with you to create an excellent product with an exacting attention to detail. We’ll start the creation of your product with a prospective drawing and translate it into a 3-dimensional prototype which will be used for mold development.  Our artists will skillfully capture the look and mood of your character, accurately portraying subtle yet critical details such as facial expressions.  This can be done with traditional sculpting methods or through the use of highly accurate 3D digital modeling which when combined with 3D rendering allows unparalleled symmetry and proportion control for an incredibly compelling toy.

Please contact us today via email [email protected] to begin the process of translating your idea into an unforgettable toy.  For additional information on the specific types of production we offer please refer to our sections on vinyl, PVC, die cast, and plush manufacturing. 

All of our products meet U.S. CPSAI and EUROPE EN71 requirements.

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