The vinyl art toy / designer toy genre is an exciting yet challenging market which has emerged in the past decade or so. While many production companies are familiar with the production of vinyl figures for general markets, they are unfortunately unfamiliar with the highly competitive art toy genre.  Boldwin Industrial Corporation is your uniquely qualified solution to producing a successful art toy through the use of rotocast vinyl -- the unquestioned standard in this growing toy genre. We understand that creating a successful art toy requires specific expertise to accurately convey an artist's vision while maintaining high quality production results at an affordable cost for extremely low runs [hundreds to low thousands] to boost collectability. 

We have worked with numerous leading artists and companies to create premium art toys. In addition, our Bic Plastics division has created a line of art toys which has elevated the standards of what is possible in terms of concept and execution within the world of vinyl. The difference lies in our ability to create a highly accurate sculpt   of the artist's original artwork and in our ability to bring that sculpt to vibrant life through industry-leading printing techniques. Please contact us [email protected] so that we may use our industry-innovating experience to help you create a vinyl art toy that exceeds your collectors' expectations.
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