Boldwin is ready to assist you with turning your concept/sketch into a plastic toy through the use of PVC injection. 

PVC Injection is well-suited for mass production of products with complex shapes that might not be possible to achieve with other methods. The result is a product that is a very accurate and realistic translation of the original idea/concept albeit at a higher cost than other methods such as rotocast vinyl which is the standard for vinyl art toys.

Our team of experts have a great deal of experience in injection mold development for a wide variety of projects ranging in weight from 8 oz. to 18 oz.  

Through the use of vacuum technology we can also produce larger pieces up to 2 M wide and 3M height with a maximum thickness of 8 mm. Our experience with mold creation allows us to produce toys in small runs at an affordable price.

Please contact us with your detailed specification so we may tailor a proposal for your project!

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